English speaking psychologist

Your expat psychologist in the Netherlands

I offer personalized therapy and coaching for burn-out and stress that fits your busy schedule, from the comfort of your own home or office.

One to one

I view clients as experts on themselves. Clients and I work collaboratively to identify the focus and scope of treatment. I then utilize evidence-based practices to work toward achieving client goals.


You can have the online session with me in your home, office, or your Airbnb. Therapy appointments can fit into your busy day because you only need a few minutes to log in.

On time

Punctuality is our top priority. You can reschedule your appointment easily online. Just make sure to reschedule or cancel your session 24 hours in advance (otherwise full costs of the session will be charged).

Online sessions

Online therapy will save you time. You don’t have to worry about whether your train is running on time, if you will be late for your session, or if you will miss time working with your therapist. Instead, you can log in to our secure video platform on your phone, computer, or tablet, and have a counseling session where you feel comfortable.

Senior burn-out expert

In the past nine years I have helped many people with mastering and managing their stress and burn-out symptoms. I always try to transform science in to practical tools. I make use of scientific models and work-sheets. This means that my clients also need to work on therapy and coaching in their spare time.

❌ Bullshit ✅ Science!

Burn-out and work-engagement are my specialism and science is the core of my practice. I make accurate science about burn-out practical. Due to own my multi cultural background, travelling around the world and many years of experience with working with expats, I am also a specialist of culturally sensitive therapy.


How can I help you?

I work with clients on the prevention of burn-out, the treatment of burn-out and coaching to achieve work-engagement.

In which languages can you have sessions?

 I offer sessions in  English, Dutch and Berber Languages (Tarifit). I have a certificate in Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE, C1 level).

Can my insurance cover the costs of the sessions?

Since I do not have contracts with insurances, the sessions in my private practice are not covered. In case you would like to book sessions during evening hours (only on Wednesdays), there is an additional fee. Fees are paid by monthly invoice.

How can I make an appointment for an intake session?

Send an email to contact@psycholooghanan.nl with your personal details for making an appointment. If  I have an open spot, you will get direct access to my online agenda and book your session online.