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As a working millennial, do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed or almost burned out? Are you looking for effective ways to manage stress and prevent burn-out? Look no further, because I'm here to help! My stress management and burn-out prevention packages are designed to help working millennials like you achieve greater well-being and balance in your life and career.
I'm Hanan, a psychologist specialized in stress management and burn-out prevention. In my practice, I offer the Get in the Flow Program, a personalized coaching program designed to help you recharge and reset.
The program consists of three packages. During your coaching sessions, Hanan will work with you to identify your sources of stress and develop personalized strategies to help you manage and reduce your stress levels. Hanan uses a variety of evidence-based techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), ACT, mindfulness, and positive psychology, to help you achieve your goals and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

With Hanan's guidance

You'll learn to

Recognize the signs of stress and burn-out.
Develop coping strategies to manage your stress levels.
Build resilience and prevent burn-out.
Set and achieve your goals.
Improve your overall well-being and quality of life.
Together, we will work on developing sustainable habits and strategies to help you thrive in your personal and professional life. So what are you waiting for? Don't let stress and burn-out hold you back any longer. Sign up for the Get in the Flow Program and take the first step towards a healthier you.
All packages include personalized coaching sessions with Hanan, as well as practical exercises and tools to help you manage stress and prevent burn-out. As an added bonus, all packages come with a 10% discount.

From startups to established corporations, Hanan has been the go-to expert for stress and burn-out management, having worked with
Albert Heijn.

Choose from three coaching packages that fit your needs and preferences

Get in the flow

5 online sessions

5 online coaching sessions for €575 (available on weekends).


5 in-person coaching sessions in Amsterdam on Fridays for €650.


5 in-person coaching sessions in Utrecht on Saturdays for €725.

Start now and get 10% discount

Get in the flow

Whether you're feeling the effects of burn-out or simply want to get ahead of it, Hanan's innovative approach to stress management can help you find balance and boost your productivity. Join her growing community of millennials who are learning how to live life to the fullest while achieving their professional goals.

Don't wait until it's too late. Book one of the stress management packages today with 10% discount and start taking care of yourself before burn-out sets in. Send an e-mail to


How can I help you?

I work with clients on the prevention of burn-out, the treatment of burn-out and coaching to achieve work-engagement.

In which languages can you have sessions?

 I offer sessions in  English, Dutch and Berber Languages (Tarifit). I have a certificate in Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE, C1 level).

Can my insurance cover the costs of the sessions?

Since I do not have contracts with insurances, the sessions in my private practice are not covered. In case you would like to book sessions during evening hours (only on Wednesdays), there is an additional fee. Fees are paid by monthly invoice.

How can I make an appointment for an intake session?

Send an email to contact@psycholooghanan.nl with your personal details for making an appointment. If  I have an open spot, you will get direct access to my online agenda and book your session online.